HeTox: Good Girl Gone Bad Kit



Sometimes Your Knight In Shining Armor Is Just An Idiot In Tin Foil.

We feel you, that's why we have gathered this basket exclusive to your needs. For the friend who recently became single, this Good Girl Gone Bad Basket contains all neccessary items to ensure a smile to appear on her face again. And yes, there’s a wine glass, THE BIG STAN (featured in Ellen DeGereres). Trust us. We make it our business to know our way around a foolproof heartache basket. All baskets arrive in Molala® gift wrap with personalised gift card.

Package includes

• 1 Burn The Past Soy Candle

• 1 Ex-Boyfriend Lindt Chocolate Bar (3.5 oz)

• 1 Heartless Cork Wine Coaster

• 1 Latest Comedy DVD (selection reviewed by Molala)

• 1 Perfect-Endings Brownie (2.2 oz)

• 1 Sexy Firefighters Snooze Mask

• 1 Silver Fortune Cookie Box (personalization available)

• 1 The Big Stan Wine Glass (34 oz.)

• 3 He-tox Collection Postcards


Total Items: 11

Dimensions: 13 L x 10 W x 13 H (in.)

Weight: 2 Ib 2 oz

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