Paycation: Burn The Past Kit



Bastard boss is just around the corner. In a world full of bastards and bosses, imagine the possibility of waking up and loving the idea of going to work! Let’s be honest, we all hold some truths to be self-evident – one of which is that bosses are “certified bastards”. All a disgruntled employee or recently downsized friend really needs is a handcrafted basket filled to the brim with picker-uppers and feel-good goodies to indulge in a hella snugilistic night! All baskets arrive in Molala® gift wrap with personalised gift card.

Package includes

• 1 Burn The Past Soy Candle

• 1 F**k That Embroidered Eye Mask

• 1 FUNemployment Lindt Chocolate Bar (3.5 oz)

• 1 Heartless Cork Wine Coaster

• 1 Latest Comedy DVD (selection reviewed by Molala)

• 1 Perfect-Endings Brownie (2.2 oz)

• 1 Silver Fortune Cookie Box (personalization available)

• 1 The Big Stan Wine Glass (34 oz.)

• 3 Paycation Collection Postcards


Total Items: 11

Dimensions: 13 L x 10 W x 13 H (in.)

Weight: 2 Ib 2 oz

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